People, Process, and Technology

  • Oct 15, 2018


People, process, and technology.  It’s a phrase we’ve been hearing in the software industry for years. Upon implementation, I often see that become technology, process, then people; making the people adjust to the technology and process.

As we work on building our first product Bella Scena, we have had the opportunity to see firsthand how frustrated people are by meetings, lack of process, and lack of positive outcomes. Our “technologies” available to manage meetings and our productivity simply haven’t kept up with the barrage of data coming at us. Many of the project management and other tools available seem to be for someone else in the organization to know what is going on, not for us to better manage our work.  Sound familiar?

As I envisioned building Bella, I knew putting people at the heart of the design was fundamentally important to me. Not just imagining how they might use my software or creating a persona of them- but actually talking to them. Not just talking to them after everything was built, but throughout the build. I wanted to understand how to truly give the customer a voice, which we are doing through human-centered design. It’s how we are starting, and how we will continue building Bella. So how did we embrace human-centered design and find joy in the uncertainty of the process? And how can you do the same? Join me at Think and Link October 18th at Capsule to hear how.

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